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Hey, love the game! Very addictive! lol, Although for the next update could you please add some more levels please?!? Thanks! - Shell_B20031

Good app but..

Its really fun but I recommend trying to get Granny Smith lite before buying it for around $2 so you know how the game works if you like it I recommend to buy it but I dont recommend buying it and not liking it as in buying it. Thats just my personal kinda words for this app but its a fun app I just recommend using my words before buying straight up cause you might not like it or you might get bored of it.

Awesome but....

I Love ❤️ this game but my only issue is that the thief always has a perfect


ey b0ss

Super Entertaining!

This game is super fun!



Love it!

Love it! It is super fun, amazing and addicting! Definitely worth getting the full version! Good job on making it! ❤️☮

super fun!!!!!

would recommend to everyone!!!

Simply amazing

This game is amazing beyond belief. I love everything about it. The best thing is the different areas that the gameplay is in. The city, countryside, whatever that one was with the pipes, and outer space. The levels are challenging, so you have to figure out how to do it right, and beat the thief. I also love that there is someone racing you. Sometimes, youll take a different approach than the person racing you, namely the thief, and it can go two ways; one: he can pass you. Two: You can pass him. I like the different modes, hard and normal. Hard definitely challenges you more, because the jumps are trickier and the thief is faster. Although, I dont see how the jumps are trickier, but thats what it says. Right now, Ive finished every single level, normal and hard mode. Im a master! The first two levels are tutorial based, to help you get started. I love this game and wouldnt change a thing!


It is great but it keeps exiting out so please fix that other than that it is great.Also it is a boy thief not a girl!!


I love this game but I wish the rober did not make pig sounds it weird but anyways it purity good add this if

This game is absolutely terrific!!

This is by far the best game i have in my collect more then worth the money its a must by!

We NEED More Levels!

I love this game and I have been playing it since I discovered it in 2012. I have been playing the same levels over and over, please make new levels!!! The game is just amazing.


I love this game so much. It is amazing. If you cant pass a level you can just skip it for 200 coins!! There are si many fun levels like the zoo, space, and more. I hope you guys like it. It is really amazing!!!

Best iPad game

This is my favorite iPad game of all time. Wish we could get new maps (IPA)or the devs created a similar game.

Best game

That is fun


Sure this game is very fun, but for the money you pay you should get way more levels then you do!

Complete BS

This game sucks

One of my top 5 Fav games

Love this game, very addicting. The levels have nice detail. I have beaten this game on my iPhone 5s, 6,6s and will now on my iPhone 7. There needs to be a sequel!!


This is an amazing game, simple, easy and entertaining. A must have if you need something to pass the time, real cute game.

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